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Dirt Bikes for Kids – Which are the best?

Hello and welcome to Best Kids Dirt Bikes, its 2016 and times have changed so much since we were children. With all the new age technology – phones, tablets, and game systems that are available today; our kids are really missing out on a lot of true to life valuable lessons. Now all they care about is texting, video games (dirt bike games for kids), and whatever new social media platform that pops up (we can hardly keep up). Makes you wonder what happened to the good ol’ days.

REMEMBER BACK IN THE DAYS; We couldn’t wait to go outside and play!

Well we think its important for us to get the kids back outside, get them back active, and create some of those real childhood memories. AND JUST HAVE SOME REAL FUN!

That’s what Best Kids Dirt Bikes is all about… However, finding the best dirt bike for kids can be kind of puzzling due to all the variety and factors that go into narrowing down the most fitting. That’s why we did all the heavy lifting for you and put together this comprehensive comparison chart of the top 5 kids dirt bikes for sale. You’ll also learn about the different types of dirt bikes for kids – and to see if dirt bikes safe for kids  click here … So let’s get to it

Best Kids Dirt BikesType Of Dirt BikeBest For Kids AgesBKDB Rating
Gas 5 - 74.0
Electric6 - 84.2

Electric7 - 94.5
Electric6 - 84.6
Electric4 - 64.7


Understanding the types of dirt bikes for kids before buying:

Although these are Best Kids Dirt Bikes top 5 picks, concluded from various aspects. There are a multitude of kids dirt bikes that are available for your little loved one, but they all fall under two main categories. That’s the new age electric dirt bikes for kids, and the original gas kids dirt bikes. This should be the first deciding factor that you weigh on your choice scale.

Gas kids motorbikes are great; but as we all know gas prices can get extremely ridiculous, especially in certain cities and states (we feel pain the here in SoCal). On the other hand there are some advantages of buying these types of dirt bikes. The sound, smell, and feel that a gas motorbike produces is really unique, but it can be a bit much for beginners and even for some parents.

That’s why its counterpart, the electric dirt bikes for kids, is becoming more and more popular due to its functionality and low overall maintenance. But remember it is battery based so they can only run as long as the capacity permits it; not the case with a gas powered dirt bike. You can run these all day if you like, or as long as your bank account says. Which leads us to…

What are CC’s kids dirt bikes?

If you see 50cc, 70cc and so on, know that these are all gas powered dirt bikes. The CC stands for “cubic centimeters”, and basically equates to the size and power of the engine. The higher the CC’s the engine has, the bigger and faster it is. Although horsepower and torque are the primary factors of how fast it actually goes, this is a good overall indicator of the speed and smoothness of how the bike rides. You also should know that just like are cars and trucks, the bigger the engine the more gas we use, the less miles per gallon we get. So you should take all of these factors into consideration when buying a gas dirt bike for kids.

4 stroke vs 2 stroke kids dirt bikes?

Well the difference is how many strokes it takes to burn the fuel in the tank, and a stroke is the up or down travel of the piston in the cylinder. The two strokes require a pre mix of gas and oil to run, and the four strokes can run on regular gas

The 2 stroke kids dirt bikes tend to be lighter in weight than the 4 strokes; up to 30 lbs even with the same size dimensions. Therefore making these easier to pick up when your child falls, and easier to control and navigate through rough terrain. The 2 stroke motorbike bounces a little more while riding and produces some smoke from the exhaust, and are ideal for those that have a decent amount of experience. As their max speeds are faster than other starter dirt bikes for kids.

With 4 stroke kids dirt bikes comes more power and sturdiness. It also comes with a higher price tag, due to its more complex engine design, and higher demand for racing. The power curve is usually a bit more smooth than the 2 stroke motorbike, and is still ideal for more experienced riders. It takes a lot to maintenance these types of dirt bikes, which again is not a perfect dirt bike for beginners. That’s why we suggest electric dirt bikes for kids if its their first time riding and you’re not that maintenance savvy or just don’t want the headache.

There are so with many purposes to ride dirt bikes for kids. From motocross racing competition, to just recreational fun, from on-road to off-road. There’s a plethora of different makes and models, it may seem to get a bit confusing at times. But just keep it simple for starters and let them work their way up, and they’ll be just fine.


When and Why should you buy kids dirt bikes for sale?

Dirt bikes for kids are the perfect gift for anytime of the year. Whether its the child’s birthday present, Christmas present, or just a reward for good school grades. This really can be the most entertaining gift they will ever receive. Most fall in love with these kids motorbikes and never want to get off. Eventually wanting to further ride as they get older and get into competition riding. This really is the beginning of a life long passion for most, and no matter how many they buy along the way, they will never forget their first kids dirt bike bought for them.

Here’s a few good reasons why you should buy a dirt bike for your child or a loved one:

  • Get them outside and take their mind off all the virtual stuff – Like we said in the beginning, this generation is so digital dependent that they are losing touch with our physical reality. What happened to the world when kids were outside playing and having fun at the parks or in the fields. Whether it was football, baseball, or any other type of physical activity that caused us to get a few bumps and bruises; Not to say that safety is not an very important issue, but lets give them some of that old school sweaty, dirty fun again.                                                                                   
  • Buying dirt bikes for kids is actually healthy for them – Riding increases your heart rate in a way that is comparable to jogging or a light workout. It builds endurance and muscle as you continue to ride. Resulting in good posture, while burning calories and stimulating the child’s brain also. Just by riding activates the pre-frontal areas of the brain, and kids who ride dirt bikes more often can improve cognitive functions                                                                                                              
  • There are Amazingly Cheap dirt bikes for kids available – Other than them being down right fun as hell. You can actually fine some hell of a deals on kids dirt bikes. Compared to a lot of these games and other virtual toys that really have little to no mental or physical benefits. Some of these dirt bikes for kids can be found for under $300. Which is amazing if your on a budget or money is kind of tight right now. So if your searching for cheap kids dirt bikes for sale, then just take a look at our cheap dirt bikes under $500 reviews right here on Best Kids Dirt Bikes                      

Choosing Best Dirt Bike Sizes For 5 – 10 Year Olds

In order for you to buy that perfect motorbike for your child, you need to know the correct dirt bike sizes for your child’s age, size, and experience. These factors are all very critical and should not be overlooked when picking the most suitable choice.

The safest way to find what’s the best dirt bike for 5 year olds through 10 year olds, is a dirt bike size chart. You don’t want to get them one that is to big – but you do want to get one that they can grow into a bit. You never want to get one that is to small for them, because not only is this dangerous but they will only get to ride for a short period of time before its time for a bigger one.

A dirt bike size guide will help enable you to pick the correct size for your child. That’s why it is most important to pay attention to the dirt bike’s dimensions when you are choosing. And with no set in stone way to pick the perfect motorbike, always look at the measurements of the desired dirt bike and choose accordingly with your kids height and weight.

And you can always just go with the best kids dirt bikes listed below, as you can see they are matched up with kids average ages – in the chart table above.

What Best Kids Dirt Bikes Buyers Are Saying

J. David Sims said: Great starter dirtbike for a small kid” Razor MX350

In summary, I am satisfied with the item. It is exactly as the company describes. You really can’t beat it for the price. My kids have great fun on them and I didn’t have to fork over $800-$1000 for a gas powered dirt bike. I hope this helps someone in deciding on this purchase

Keven R. Rambo said: Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Great Bike for kids”

It is a great bike for kids ages 5 -8 years old. Perfect for in town residence, super quiet. Does well on flat surfaces, and it will go 14 mph. Well built, and lasts quite a while on a single battery charge. Great value

MikesMom said: EXCELLENT VALUE and FUN!

We have owned the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike since February, 2010. It is used EVERY single day by my 55lb 11 year old. He loves it. The kids in the neighborhood love it. We have not had a problem with the battery life at all, but my son takes really good care of it and followed the directions exactly. Also, I might add, this is NOT difficult to assemble at all. The majority of it is assembled already. My 11 year old assembled it by himself!!! All we had to do was come in when he was done and tighten up the bolts. The one thing that I love about this “dirt bike” is that it is so quiet. Even though he is riding on an acre of property, we don’t annoy the neighbors when he gets near their homes. It doesn’t eat up the grass either!! This is definitly a great product!

Lance Kuykendall said: AWESOME PRODUCT!!! WELL BUILT!!! SUPER TOUGH!! MX650

My kids has rode this bike non stop since the day it arrived!!! I had to install the handle bars and front tire, i also checked over all nuts and bolts. This took 10 mins. and then the battery had to charge….(my kid was wanting to ride right then) BUT when he did ride it…..He loved it!!!! I like the fact that there is NO NOISE and the speed tops out at like 22 mph. PERFECT for an 8 yr. old boy!!! All of his friends have now bought them…” 

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Best Kids Dirt Bike Reviews

These are the best dirt bikes for kids for all the following factors considered: Price, durability, speed, age/height/weight requirements, maintenance, experience needed, and top rated/reviews

#5 50cc Dirt Bike – DB49A (multiple colors)

Coolster 50cc Motorbike

These Coolster dirt bikes for kids landed at number five because it’s one of the top gas kids motorbikes for young beginners. Though not recommended for kids under 6 years old with its max speed reaching 25 mph. It is very low maintenance compared to other gas motocross bikes for kids. Standing 2 ft and 4” from the ground to the handle bars, with the seat just under 2 ft at 22”. This is ideal for for kids up to 10 years old, as it ways in at 52 lbs, and has a 100+ lbs load capacity. Length is 3 ft and 3” and Width right a 2 ft. It has an expansion chamber that increases speed ,and has 12″ heavy duty tires. Breaking is made easy, with its hand operated front and rear brakes, that is great for beginners. To start the bike, you only have to pull a rope and hit the throttle and they a ready to ride. Note that it does have an air-cooled 2-stroke engine that requires you to mix oil with fuel to start it, and is not available to California residents due to air pollution laws. But if you don’t mind some maintenance and fumes, this is the perfect option when picking the best gas dirt bike for kids. The icing on the cake is the multiple colors that you can choose from making it a win-win if your looking for the best girl dirt bikes, because they have pink.

Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike

Moto Tec  Motorbike

Number four on the list are the Mototec electric dirt bikes for kids. Mototec is a great brand to choose when looking for dirt bikes for kids. These are pretty awesome kids motorbikes that come with 3 selectable speeds of mph, 10 mph, and max speed 16 mph, so you can apply some damage control. Although slower than the 50cc dirt bike for kids, it does have a 24 V 500-watt (two 12 V batteries) electrical motor with a battery charge time of only 4 to 6 hours, that can last up to 3 hours of continuous slow speed riding, and about 30 to 45 minutes of hitting top speed. It comes with front and rear brakes, with a great standard front and rear suspension, and knobby pneumatic tires. The recommended age is 13, but its ideal for kids around 7 years old and up. The steel framed bike weighs 65 lbs, and has a maximum rider weight of 150 lbs, which means its extremely sturdy as well. All in all this is a great bike if you don’t mind a little assembly duty. It really is one of the best dirt bikes for kids on the market. So your definitely not losing if you decide to pick this one as your best kids dirt bike


#3 Razor MX650 Electric Bike 

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket


Though stated for kids at least 16 years old, the Razor MX650 is perfect for youngsters around 10 years old and pre teens. Razor is the most popular electric dirt bike for kids brands; founded in June of 2000, and headquartered in the city of Cerritos, in southern California. Theses kids motorbikes weigh 98 lbs, and have dimensions of 56” x 24.5” x 36”, with a seat height of 25”. Its sporty yellow and red color, and Supercross inspired style is very appealing to the eyes of on lookers. But it not only looks fast, with its powerful high torque 650-watt electric chain driven motor can hit 17 mph smooth and easily, and can get up to about 40 minutes of continuous max speed. It has a 36V (three 12V) rechargeable battery, that takes about 12 hours to fully charge. It also comes with Dual suspension and adjustable riser handlebars, and large 16” front and 14” rear tires that makes for a very enjoyable ride. It is extremely sturdy as well, being made with steel that carries riders up to 220 lbs. This is the best electric dirt bike for a pre teen kid available, and only takes very little assembly and maintenance; that’s why it’s third place on the best kids dirt bikes list – and very well could have made our best dirt bikes under 1000 dollars list

Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike / SX500 McGrath

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

These could have easily been number one the list as well as the MX650, it just depends on the size and experience of the rider, because the Razor MX500 and the SX500 McGrath Electric Dirt Bike are two of the best dirt bikes for kids that you can buy. You might be wondering why are there two at the number two spot, is it a tie for second? Well actually these two are the exact same kids dirt bikes, except for a few features and details. The primary difference is the graphic designs, being that the MX has a sleek sporty look about it . The SX500 shown in the comparison table – is an authentic designed, MX framed geometry reproduction of the most winning motocross rider in history, Jeremy McGrath. This bike is built for creating and representing young champions like your child. This truly is the best electric dirt bike for kids from anywhere from 7 to 10 years of age, its the creme de la creme. With the same dimensions as its counterpart the MX500 ; 56” x 36” x 24.5”, and seat height at 25”, they are ideal for this age group, even though they’re recommended for kids in their early teens. They weigh in at 98 lbs, and can carry 175 pound riders. Max speeds are both 15 mph, and can carry that speed for up to 40 straight minutes. The only other difference is the motorcycle-spec tires that the SX500 has. So what can possibly be number one, if these are the best of the best dirt bikes for kids? Well, drum roll please…

And the winner is


#1 Razor MX350 Dirt Bike / Razor MX400

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Yeah its another two of the same deal again, but with this one they’re exactly the same. The only difference is the colors; they both come in a variety, but the MX400 comes in green and MX350 blue, and pink. Also the MX400 a newer version of the two, but that’s it. With that said, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is the pound-for-pound best dirt bike for kids and toddler dirt bike click here, but don’t just take are word for it – check its outstanding reviews. It barely edged out the MX500 and SX500 McGrath; reason being, its price and entry level size for beginners. This is the most suitable bike for kids under 7 years old, depending on their size, although again recommended for kids at least 13 years old. I mean come on, with the dimensions of 44″x 24.5″x 31″ and the seat height at 20”, where are the finding these 13 year olds … they surely wont be trying out for any NBA teams in the future neither (For a Razor MX350 Dirt Bike Review on a more personal note click the link) But anyways, It does have adjustable height handle bars with hand-operated rear brakes for a more comfortable ride as well. Like the MX400, it has a 350 Watt Electric Motor and 24V(two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. It can hit speeds up to 14mph continuously for about 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes cruising, which is a decent amount time for beginners. It also weighs 65 lbs and can carry up to 140 pound riders, and is our overall best kids dirt bikes winner …

And there you have it, the 5 best dirt bikes for kids reviews list

So, which one will your little pride and joy ride on? Consider all of the factors before making your final decision, and give them them that special gift that they will remember for a lifetime. Go ahead and turn that video game into reality for them. Let them have some real physical fun like when we were kids. And who knows, they might just become the next motocross sensation